That is why we have Airsoft. 

A Port St. Lucie parent was arrested Sunday after he pointed a loaded gun at a Grace Christian Academy self-defense instructor and told him “martial arts are crap”, city police said.“Bang, you’re dead. No way you could have got me before I pulled it out,” George Meyer, 61, reportedly said.Meyer, whose child is a student at the school, was attending an open house when he overheard the defense instructor telling someone that a gun is not always the best choice for self-defense since it can be easily taken away, said Sgt. Frank Sabol, Port St. Lucie police spokesman.

Source: Florida parent arrested for pointing loaded gun at teacher

Listen, I am as tired as anybody else when some martial arts jock comes with that line, but you don’t pull crap like this. You are not responsible for what others do or believe. They want to get shot, let them.

If you have this powerful need to prove them wrong, get an Airsoft gun and pop the crap out of the “instructor” in a demonstration. If you know the basics and Tueller, he’ll be crapping plastic BBs for a week.

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  1. Well stated. For those who hesitate to…perhaps cause a death, and wait for the bull rush attack to start inside of 20 feet…..well. H-to-H defense is your last option if you lose your gun, if not…well then your chances are over 75% you’ll shoot before you die in the struggle.

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