This is my face right now…

A kid in Facebook just now saying he is “not a Socialist but..” is telling me why what I know about the Spanish Civil War is wrong.

I can literally feel the people (kin and others) that fought and got fucked on both sides of the war and are no longer with us, look up from their graves and ask: “Quien coño es este pendejo?” (“Who the fuck is this asshole?”)

And no, I ain’t telling mom.  She’d do the Evil Eye thing on him.

She is Old School like that.

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  1. C’mon old man. Just because you KNEW veterans of the Spanish Civil War and just because you WITNESSED the aftermath first hand, doesn’t mean you know more about it than some punk shit kid does after his 3 credit hour course from neo-Marxist professor at BSU.

    Who are you going to believe, Dr. Shitforbrains your your lying eyes?

    (And yes, I have actually seen some young punk shit tell a Holocaust survivor with a tattoo on his arm that the Holocaust really didn’t happen the way the books said it did and it was a conspiracy. I thought that 90 year old man was going to kill the College Communist with his cane.)

    1. “I thought that 90 year old man was going to kill the College Communist with his cane.”

      He should have and done the gene pool a favor by getting rid of that ignorant shit stain.

      1. Absolutely, and any reasonable jury would have returned a verdict of “Justifiable Homicide”. (Either that, or “thank you for improving the species”.)

  2. “And no, I ain’t telling mom. She’d do the Evil Eye thing on him.”

    That is no joke. Both my mother and grandmother can set things on fire with an angry glare. ;-D

  3. I know all about the Spanish Civil War. I read “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”
    It was about American mercenaries and hot Spanish chicks.

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