This is what an ignorant looks like.

I caught this crap in a friend’s post.

This is what a crappy educational system where World History is no longer required looks like.

I could not help myself so I tossed a couple of memes her way.


And before I leave, a Public Service announcement from GFZ:

Remember, don’t take either side, just take head shots. 

2 Replies to “This is what an ignorant looks like.”

  1. Hey, look at that big smile on Uncle Joe’s mug. He had to be a great guy. (Or maybe he’s just watching Beria strangle someone.)
    And Fidel was a great guy, too. He was young and charismatic, like JFK. And he had that lovable sidekick, Che.
    You’re just too judgmental.

  2. I realize that I’m officially An Old Fart, but, any “solution” to any “problem”, whose primary claim to legitimacy is “I’ll make it real simple…”. is, with no further information, bullsh!t. Rare indeed is the problem with only one cause, rarer is the problem which has a simple solution. In fact, those with a simple solution (“just stop smoking”), are the solutions that are the most difficult to implement.

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