Welcome to France

Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.  It seems that America right now has been doomed to repeat the darker days of history.

I am going to have to disagree with Miguel’s assessment a little bit on where and when America is pulling its current batch of troubles.

America isn’t 1938 Germany, it is 1789 France.  I actually think that’s worse.

To be entirely honest, I really don’t see Antifa or a some marginal number of neo-Nazis actually setting up concentration camps in the US.  That’s just too much work for them.  Setting up that kind of infrastructure and mechanized death machine is beyond the capabilities of a bunch of snowflakes with degrees in Anti-Whiteness Transgender Studies.

That is the good news.

Here is the bad.

Let’s remember our French Revolution history.  The indulgences of the monarchy had pissed off the people of France.  Unlike the American Revolution, which pretty much had two sides, Tories (Loyalists) and Whigs (Patriots/Revolutionaries), the French broke up into a number of factions.

Two of the most significant revolutionary factions in France were the Jacobin and Sans-Culottes.  the Jacobin were an elite club of wealthy anti-Royalists.  The Sans-Culottes were  working class French citizens.  They were groups naturally would have disliked each other along class lines, but formed an alliance against the Monarchy.

The Jacobin did not like to get their hands dirty.  They were wealthy elite.  What they did was whip the Sans-Culottes into a violent frenzy and had the working class actually fight the forces of the King.

Doesn’t this sound so very familiar?

The current Jacobin are the Democrats and media.

Statements like those of Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal “I hope Trump gets assassinated,” is exactly the type of rhetoric that fuels the divide.

She’s not alone,

The non stop debasement of Trump and his supporters by the Democrats and media, not just actual-factual Nazis, but all supporters as racist, sexist, homophobes, fuels it.

Step 1: All Trump supporters are Nazis/Nazi sympathizers.

Step 2: It’s OK to punch Nazis and stone sympathizers.

Step 3: Deafening silence by the media on criticizing Antifa/making criticizing Antifa tantamount to being a Nazi sympathizer.

  Brit Hume is now a Nazi because he Tweeted about this article criticizing Antifa.

Democrat elected officials and members of the press are part of the #Resistance by turning Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and a whole motley assortment of other (mostly college age) activists to be their Sans-Culottes boots on the ground.

This is not a Wermacht like army, this is groups of angry, violent young people smashing things.  The French Revolution, for that matter, was not fought by regular armies or trained militias as much as it was bouts of violent uprisings and marches (until the Napoleonic wars, but that came later).

To further this parallel, one of the great tragedies of the French Revolution was Iconoclasm.  Catholicism was the official religion of France to the enraged french set about destroying French churches.  Art, relics, and any imagery associated with the monarchy or the regime being rebelled against was vandalized or destroyed.  The revolutionary parties in France sought not just to purge the monarchy, but any reminder of the monarchy.

Many other people have made the point that it starts with removing Confederate monuments in the dead of night and it will end with the destruction of all American patriotic iconography.

Nancy Pelosi and Cory Booker have demanded the removal of all Confederate imagery from the Capitol building, call them “reprehensible.”

The Washington Post says “We should treat Confederate monuments the way Moscow and Budapest have treated communist statues,” with total destruction.

Slate put sarcastic quotation marks around the word crime in their headline about the mob destruction of a Confederate monument in Durham, NC: Dozens of Activists Turn Selves in Spartacus-Style for “Crime” of Toppling Durham Confederate Statue.

In fact it is a crime to destroy a public monument, even if it offends you, but the Jacobin at Slate want their Antifa/anti-racist/BLM Sans-Culottes to commit the acts of destruction so convince them that they are in the right as they vandalize the public space.

With the destruction of Confederate monuments now a socially acceptable act (that only took a couple of days to accomplish), America’s founders and greatest presidents are headed to the bonfire.

In the last 48 hours, a pastor in Chicago has demanded the renaming of Washington Park because George Washington was a slave owner, a bust of Abraham Lincoln was defaced and social media declared anybody who defended Lincoln is a racist.

A commentator and activist on CNN declared that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson memorials be taken down.

Vice wants to get rid of (“blow up” in the original headline) Mt. Rushmore.

At the rate at which the Left has normalized the public desecration of  Confederate monuments, I’m sure Washington, Jefferson, and the rest of the men who signed the Deceleration of Independence and ratified the Constitution will be  ousted by the end of the year.

Though a tiny part of me will be humored when Lin-Manuel Miranda is comes under siege from the Social Justice Warriors for his musical Hamilton since Alexander Hamilton did participate in the business of slave trading.  No matter how much of Leftist ideological purist you think you are, there is always someone to Left of you with an ice pick with your name on it.

So why is America’s experiencing the French Revolution  now so terrible.

The marches and riots of the French Revolution brought down the nation’s monarchy.  What took its place was the Reign of Terror under Jacobin lawyer Maximilien Robespierre.

The central image and most substantial mark on history of the Reign of Terror was the guillotine.  Many Frenchmen, some only loosely associated with the Old Republic, others who were revolutionaries but fell out of favor, lost their heads in the Parisian square before an angry mob.

Like I said above, I don’t see concentration camps coming to America.

I think we are headed down the road of a Progressive Reign of Terror.  Pick a progressive city, let the police stand around with their thumbs up their asses at the behest of Jacobin politicians, and an angry Antifa mob will turn into a public spectacle kangaroo court followed by public executions.  Be it hangings, beheadings, or shootings a handful of people will be accused of being racist Nazis in front of a jeering, black clad crowd.  The accused with profess their innocence.  It will fall of deaf ears.  Blood will be spilled.  As fast as the crowd appeared and the trial occurred, it will break up and nobody will be held accountable.

That will be enough to silence people.  It’s not Jackbooted totalitarians dragging people out of their beds in the middle of the night that will crush the people.  It is having the Antifa mob take something posted on Facebook, descend on the person in a mob, convict them of disloyalty in a farce of a trial, and guillotine them, that will silence America.



8 Replies to “Welcome to France”

  1. Unless the commies end up on crosses, they did not turn themselves in “Spartacus-style”.

    Good Lord, what vacuous, amoral twits these people are.

    1. And on the guy so proudly declaring his hatred of Lincoln: actually, yeah, Lincoln thought slavery was horrific. There are many, many quotes from him to that effect, though I suspect they’ve been memory-holed because his denigration of people living off the labor of others strikes too close to home for the welfare state.

      But, whatever, he was white, and he’s revered, so he has to be destroyed, right?

      1. Not only was Lincoln anti-slavery, without his election the Southern States would not have seceded, the Civil War would not have been fought, and slavery would not have been ended in the 1860s, and many Western States may have entered the Union as Slave States. Yeah Lincoln did nothing for black folks, so F him.

  2. I suspect it will be less of a Reign of Terror and more of a free-for-all as extremists on both sides engage in bloody reprisals against each other.

  3. I think Antifa are the SA. They weren’t into much heavy work, either, just brawling against unprepared, unarmed opponents.
    And isn’t wearing masks in Virginia for purposes not consistent with Mardi gras and Halloween still a crime? The scum national socialists wore SA-type brownshirts, but not masks. This enabled them to be arrested and/or fired for their participation. The Antifa scum wore black and masks. No arrests so far. Had the police there not wanted the visuals, the antifa scum should have been arrested the moment they showed up, masked, without a permit, unscheduled, and ready to rumble, as was the slang in West Side Story.

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