Why “Shall Issue”?

Ok, so I found a lawyer that can get me a Maryland CCW.  A buddy that trains Marylanders in the mandatory CCW course knows someone that will get regular peeps that aren’t carrying cash for work, or are threatened on the daily in documented form, the toter’s permit.100% success rate.Only will cost me $3000.Hmph.Maybe hold off for now.

Source: New Jovian Thunderbolt: Lawyer


Because there is good people that cannot afford $3,000. Because there is good people who do not know the “right” person that will get them a permit. Because it breeds corruption and elitism.

And before you jump into the “Muh Rights! Constitutional Carry or Nothing!” understand that you will probably remain at nothing in places like Maryland.

Don’t be a Dudley.

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  1. Sounds like some palm(s) are getting greased. Good ol American graft at its finest.

    And people wonder why I equate the government to a legalized and accepted mafia…

  2. Yeah, I feel the same way about the “national reciprocity is bad, we should have national constitutional carry” crowd. National constitutional carry is a goal, but the process takes time. The first step toward national reciprocity, in my estimation, was LEOSA*; now that it’s had over a decade to prove itself (no blood in the streets), the next step is national reciprocity, then we can move forward.
    Some people don’t get the concept of never letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

    *And NYC refuses to recognize LEOSA. DeBlasio has said he’ll lock up anyone caught carrying under LEOSA. Because only NYPD is good enough.

      1. Good to know. Maybe now I’ll go to NYC (or not). I’m just going by what I’ve been told by retired NYPD guys.
        Problem is, for me to get to NYC, I’d have to go through New Jersey, and that ain’t happenin’. I know retired coppers who have been detained for half a day in NJ even though they had all the LEOSA credentials in order, just because the NJ police thought it was funny.
        I’ve heard cops say they will stop and help any cop they see in trouble, anywhere in the U.S., except in New Jersey.
        (Hope I didn’t just open up a new can of worms.)
        And anyway, why should I listen to anyone who puts ketchup on a hot dog?

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