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  1. The sky is falling the sky is falling!! Ggeeezzuuss are these people DUMB. I think even the dumbest dog aint gonna look at an eclipse,they too busy sleepin. Its not a nuclear blast…crap like this makes me sad at what America is becoming,a bunch of uneducated morons with zero common sense and gullable minds.

  2. What “scripture” was that guy reading? Citation needed dude.

    This is one of the biggest drawbacks of the internet. In a city I lived in for a while there was a crazy lady that would stand on a street corner with signs and scream about the end times. She was obviously mentally unstable and largely incoherent. The internet give people like that a much larger platform, and the ability to network, congregate and flourish as a community. They attract the ignorant and the trolls who amplify the signal. Couple that with virtually no concept of information hygiene by the rest of the population and the internet becomes a very dirty place as far as actual, verifiable facts are concerned.

    The government cannot fix the problem, they are perfectly happy sowing disinformation when it suites their purpose. Big business currently is very happy to help government with that, so while they could be better gatekeepers, they have reduced themselves to propagandists. Many individuals view information hygiene as simply retreating further into their own echo chambers, headless of the veracity of the facts contained therein. The rest of us seem oblivious to even the idea of the concept. Almost no one take their facts out to a wider audience to have then tested, challenged and verified by others. Not many people know how to handle their ideas failing those tests, so they never even try. Instead of abandoning poorly performing ideas in favor of more robust and functional ones, they would rather find sources that reaffirm their world view, and wind up adopting all kinds of nonsense in the process.

    Not sure how to fix the problem. Most people are never taught to value facts over their own feelings of validity. It seems to be a core problem of out culture. I can (rightfully) blame the schools, but that is only the first step in rectifying the problem, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to take the next one.

    1. Or those of us who just happen, by sheer coincidence, to live in the path of totality…

      This city has enough gorram crystal waving, dirt-worshipping, tree-huggers in it to begin with. Now we’re importing them from all over the country, not just SoCal.

      Hand to g-d, one of them tried to explain to me that the eclipse was proof that the cosmos wants us to resist Pres. Trump.

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