Campus Carry does not Scare students away, Liberalism does.

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After all the scare-mongering by Gun Control fanatics and swearing on a stack of Bibles that Campus Carry in Georgia would reduce enrollment, this apparently did not happen, but just the opposite.


However, two very recently famous places of higher education have seen their enrolments drop:

You remember her? I know you do.  Melissa Click, University of Missouri professor.

COLUMBIA • Out-of-state students and incoming freshmen are among the hardest hits to University of Missouri enrollment data announced Monday. Undergraduate enrollment is down more than 2,100 students, or almost 8 percent, this semester compared to fall 2015, and almost three-quarters of that loss comes from the freshman class.

Source: Enrollment is, in fact, down at Mizzou | Education |


But Evergreen faces a deeper, and more long-term threat. It is the only state four-year higher education institution to see enrollment drop steeply since 2011 despite wide-open admission standards. At about 4,080 students, it is about 300 students short of the Legislature’s funded enrollment target.
The two problems are now entwined. Evergreen President George Bridges and his administration need to assure future students and their parents that academics come first — and not acquiesce to the 200-or-so student protesters at the expense of the 4,000-student campus. Without safety, there’s no learning, and without learning, Evergreen will wither into irrelevance.

Source: The Evergreen State College: No safety, no learning, no future | The Seattle Times

I am not going to say that Campus Carry helped increase enrollment, but sure as heck it did not hurt it. However, unhinged Liberalism is slowly destroying other places of learning. Maybe this is why the Left is suddenly found with a hard-on for Free College. People who needs to shed tens of thousands of dollars in tuition are going to be looking for stability and common sense, not Social Justice Warriors interrupting classes and parading around campus badly dressed in Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn Cheerleaders .

3 Replies to “Campus Carry does not Scare students away, Liberalism does.”

  1. What a lot of people learned is that is it not worth $60K to get a degree from an institution where one protest by a handful of snowflakes turns the value of your degree into absolute shit.

  2. Why would I want to send my kids to an establishment so seemingly out of control? This isn’t the ’20s and high school graduates don’t work their way through college anymore. There’s usually student loans, educations savings accounts, and/or financial assistance of one sort or another involved and parents have a lot of input in where that money goes.
    To top it off, why go to Evergreen in the first place? When the Duke Lacrosse Team Hysteria made Duke look unappetizing, it still had world class programs in medicine and law (among other things) as well as nationally known basketball and football teams. Even if you thought the Administration’s tolerance of the Gang of 88 was disgusting there were still good reasons to send your kid and your money to Duke. Evergreen? C’mon now.

  3. I would not hire an Evergreen graduate ever. That is the ultimate judgment on this supposed institution of higher learning. No thank you to toxic employees.

    Regarding concealed carry. No wonder why they hate it so much on the Left.

    It would stop the nonsense on these campuses when they “try to cash a check with their mouth (or fists) that their ass cannot cover.” (paraphrased)

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