This is how you “normalize” Open Carry.

The Michigan Gun Owners organization and Michigan Open Carry, Inc. hosted a picnic on Saturday, Aug. 19 at the park to get together and exercise their right to openly carry their holstered handguns in public.“With open carry, we bring gun ownership out of the closet,” said Tom Lambert, president of Michigan Open Carry, Inc. “In that strategy you see success, because people learn the truth. They learn that their friends, neighbors and family are gun owners, and they’re not bad people.”Lambert said several picnics are held every year in different locations around the state. He emphasized the picnic was not in response to any particular event, just an opportunity to openly carry and advocate for the groups’ cause.

Source: Gun owners hold open carry picnic at Holland State Park

This is how you do it! Not dressing up like a bad Call of Duty: Detroit Pimps cosplayer wannabe.

If you want normalcy, act normal. Not like morons exhibiting his pimped up – shot once rifles.

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  1. my wife and i are permit holders but in the summer we open carry for the reason we are fairly large folks and concealed is kinda hard to do when it is hot out.

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