Media: Why you can’t respect them.

Because they do not respect themselves.

While trying to document the horrific event and the subsequent response from paramedics and police, a shirtless man demanded that she stop recording. When she disregarded him, the man punched her in the face, knocking her to the ground. “Stop the (expletive) recording!” the man could be heard shouting at Lorenz in the video as her phone clattered to the ground.
Lorenz was one of many journalists who found themselves in the line of danger during the clash between White nationalists and counter-protesters earlier this month. Saturday’s violence ultimately turned deadly when James Fields Jr., 20, of Ohio, drove the Dodge Charger into a crowd, according to police.

Source: In Charlottesville and elsewhere, U.S. journalists are being assaulted while covering the news – Poynter

Take the time to read the rest of the article. The author Brando Shulleeta compiles several other incidents including one I posted about. You will find something missing: The political identity of the attackers. Why? They all have been attributed to the Antifa/Left, the same side the journos prefer.

Hell, you have to admit that Mr. Shulleeta is crafty enough with the language by even try to make it appear it was the Other Side/Nazis rather than Antifa/Left. “The injury occurred while he was covering an anti-fascist march”  is the recurring theme without actually naming the attacking side.

Antifa knows they can get away (mostly) with attacking people recording events since either most do not reply, press charges or are even arrested by police. But I have the feeling they are going to target “certified” media now because it is cool to attack the big ones if they are not  only not blame them but place responsibility of the attack o the other side.

So, you cannot insult the media calling them whores when they act like they were just beaten by their pimps.

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  1. “So, you cannot insult the media calling them whores when they act like they were just beaten by their pimps.”

    I call the MSM overall worse names but “media whores” works just as well.

    If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc.

  2. Yesterday’s Boston TV “news” broadcast reported on two protesters from the weekend’s “free speech rally” in court, one charged with illegal possession of a firearm, the other with assault on a police officer. It was very telling that the report did not mention which side these people were on — the 100 or so “free speech” people, or the 10,000 (supposedly) “counter protesters”. Given that they did not say, the answer is obvious: the “counter protesters” — the supposedly non-violent good guys. As I understand it, about 30 people in all were arrested. If any of them weren’t “counter protesters” we would have heard it and seen it all over the front pages, so it follows that all of them were leftists opportunists.
    Yes, definitely a duck.

  3. I missed the obvious point earlier: if you’re a “counter protester” at a “free speech rally”, I guess that means you’re an “anti-free-speech protester”. And that fits the observed behavior.

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