More reasons for reciprocity

George Carroll moved from Texas to Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, New York.  He was threatened by a neighbor with a box cutter so he moved again, with his wife to the safer neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York.

He was stabbed to death just outside of his home.

The suspected murderer, Gary Correa,  is 19 years old, with 13 arrests, including those for robbery, burglary, and drug possession.

Carroll was stabbed because he looked at Correa.

Correa and another man chased Carroll and his wife down the street before stabbing him to death.

As last ditch effort to get save his life, George Carroll threw his cell phone at his attackers.  It did no good.

One state over, in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, Common Pleas Judge Joseph Bruzzese survived an ambush attack by drawing his own concealed weapon and firing back at his attacker.  His attacker was then shot by a probation officer.

Two spontaneous attacks.  Adjacent states.  One man dies, stabbed to death for looking at a career criminal.  Another man lives by fending off his attacker with a gun.

Christina Romero Carroll should not have to bury her husband.  The city of New York should be disposing of the body of Gary Correa.  But the laws of New York cost George Carroll his life, easy on criminals and hard on law abiding citizens.

I don’t know if George Carroll knew how to use a gun, but as a native Texan I’d like to think he did.

The next time some innocent man is chased by two assailants for merely making eye contact, rather than throw a cellphone, he can launch some hot lead their way.  Until something drastic changes, New York will continue to be a place where human garbage have a nearly unfettered ability to prey on the law abiding.

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  1. Why people move into that NYC shithole instead of leaving is beyond comprehension. No amount of salary can convince me to visit, much less move to one of those libtard “utopias.”

  2. The problem with reciprocity is that it will, at best, be only a law. Since we already know that NYC doesn’t obey the supreme law of the land (the Constitution and its amendments), clearly they aren’t going to obey a mere Federal law.
    A simpler and better answer would be for the US Attorney to issue indictments charging all the relevant NYC officials with felony violation of 18 U.S. Code § 241 (Conspiracy against rights), which carries penalties of 10 years in jail, or a possible death penalty if the offense results in the death of the victim, as it did in this case.

  3. Even sadder, if rather than being disarmed, Carroll had brought a pistol with him from Texas and had shot his attacker rather than be stabbed to death, the following things would be happening NOW:

    1) he would being vilified as a racist, fascist white nationalist supremacist who “picked on” a poor boy who only had a knife. His Texas origins alone would allow him to be tried, convicted and destroyed in the New York Post and the Times might publish an editorial calling for “stricter gun control”.

    2) he would be held with no bail at Rikers, pending trial for aggravated assault, a hate crime and possessing an illegal weapon illegally with illegal intent…

    3) dead or alive, the perpetrator or his estate would be preparing a massive civil lawsuit against Carroll that would allow the thug to legally acquire that what he could not during the actual criminal intent.

    4) If alive, the thug would give interviews essentially stating “…didn’t do muffin…” and his aunties and grammas and tias would sniffle in a hanky and say “yes he’s been in some trouble, and we know he’s an armed robber, but it was a little knife and he sure didn’t deserve to get shot…”

    Such is the cesspool that is DelBlasios NYC and Cuomos Empire State.

    The voters of NY have brought it on themselves and I’m sad for the Carrolls who have to try to survive there when EVERY state institution is rigged against the law abiding…and they are PROUD of it.

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