Animal Spirit of The Gun Control Groups: Crickets

Why crickets? Because of this:

I forget of they are Redneck Revolt of John Brown Whatever Armed Left Wing Antifa Sucker group they belong to. Yes, they were OC in Phoenix and no, we have not heard one word of surprise, hate, condemnation or otherwise doom coming from ANY of the Gun Control Groups. It has been absolute silence with crickets in the background.

Apparently thy either like or don’t mind their fellow Lefties have guns as long.

It has been said before and needs to be repeated: Gun Control is not about guns but about control.


5 Replies to “Animal Spirit of The Gun Control Groups: Crickets”

  1. On a brighter note, I sincerely wonder how many of them aren’t airsoft rifles.

    I also wonder how many of those plate carriers actually have real plates in them.

  2. Wonder if those rifles are real or not?

    That being said, what you are seeing here is the ultimate test of one’s dedication to the right to keep and bear arms – seeing people you don’t like exercising the right.

    Great excuse to train more and get proficient with our guns, though.

    1. Pretty much. While this worries me given their history of being prone to act violent as a first option it’s still a natural right that I don’t want taken away from anyone. That being said I’ve stepped up to going to the range weekly, doing what drills my ofw ass can handle and have gotten quite good at helping my friends and some neighbors build budget ARs

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