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The other day, in a post I talked about a man in Colorado that was stabbed in the hand and claimed that the attacker said “Are you one of them neo-Nazis?” before stabbing him.  The cause of the attack was presumably triggered because the man was wearing a high fade haircut, which is being associated with the alt-right.

Another similar story has hit my wire.

A man in Vermont, Sam Wormer, claimed that he was stabbed after being doxed after saying that it was wrong for the internet mob to dox, get fired, and call child protective services on someone he knew who was shown carrying a torch in a Vice news report on the Charlottesville protest.

Wormer claimed that he didn’t support Nazi or white supremacist views, but didn’t think that an internet mob trying to destroy his former classmate’s life was right either.

“Wormer said Roy and his family welcomed him into their home for Thanksgiving dinner in 2006, when the two were close friends. They lost touch about two years ago, Wormer said, except for a brief interaction last September when Roy shared that he would soon become a father,” the Free Press reported.

The paper added that “Wormer strongly disagreed with Roy’s views but did not support efforts to get Roy fired or to call the Vermont Department for Children and Families in an attempt to remove his child. Wormer said such efforts would lead to more anger.”

“Taking away somebody’s job and livelihood — I mean, that’s just adding fuel to the fire,” Wormer said. “I don’t think any good is going to come of this on anybody’s side.”

Apparently, trying to be the voice of reason and compassion was insufficient for the internet social justice mob, who decided he must pay in blood for his thoughtcrime.

I want to keep an eye on this to make sure it is not a hoax, but it seems to fit a growing pattern.  If you are not a member of the extreme ultra-Left social justice mob, you are assumed to be a Nazi sympathizer and one of their enemies.

If this turns out to be true and this trend continues, god help us.  It means that they can and will target anybody.  If you are not actively stabbing a “Nazi” they will try and stab you.

Be careful and be armed.

4 Replies to “Stuff to keep eyes on”

    1. I saw that. Like Antifa has an official membership list. Random politically motivated attacks don’t necessarily mean Antifa. Unhinged political nutjobs are out there and the more they think they can get away with stuff the more they will do it. The guy that shot at the Congressional baseball team wasn’t Antifa. It still happened.

  1. “If you are not a member of the extreme ultra-Left social justice mob, you are assumed to be a Nazi sympathizer and one of their enemies.”

    Indeed. An acquaintance who is anti-police, anti-war-on-terror, and pro-BLM posted this about the folks in Charlottesvile: “Name and shame them. Make them perpetually jobless and destitute.” My response was to ask him if one factor he believed formed terrorists overseas also formed terrorists over here, in this case young men being disaffected and unemployable and seeing terrorism as their only way out of their life. I said “If you believe that happens overseas, you must also believe that happens here, so if they were forced into perpetual destitution as per your wish, they would become *real* terrorists, not merely marchers.” Of course, that meant I was a “Nazi sympathizer,” was $hit on for saying “*real* terrorists,” and extrapolating that I thought they should be forced to work with “Nazis.”

    All I was doing was pointing out the hypocrisy of their beliefs, but of course that didn’t go over very well!

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