3 Replies to “This is the Left Grassroots.”

  1. I know a few people that went to this. Acquaintances I’ve met through various people that I follow on social media mostly. All of the ones posting video and pictures that were there are on some sort of government assistance program or programs (mostly food stamps and Access). Most don’t have a real job and two of them have parents that offered them a large sum of seed money to start a business and they turned it down because they “didn’t want to sell out”. They are all diehard Bernie fanatics and they are all lazy snowflakes that seem to believe that they should get paid for doing nothing or selling random arts and crafts or playing shitty emo music.

    Following these useful idiots (and being related to other societal leeches on the East Coast) has led me to a rather simple, if not painful conclusion; Get rid of the welfare state and get rid of this cancer on American society. However, being that ending welfare is a pipedream, I’m just going to buy more ammo.

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