Charlottesville mayor: Never let a crisis go to waste.

He asked that the Virginia legislature meet in emergency session to change the law so the city could swiftly take down its Confederate monuments — a request not likely to be granted, according to a spokesman for the governor.S
igner also called for a memorial to honor Heyer and legislation that would allow local authorities to ban “open or concealed carry of weapons” at public events where they might pose a security threat.

Source: Charlottesville mayor: I changed my mind about Confederate monuments – CNN

This is what a Democrat does: Steps on top of a bleeding corpse, claims some sort of Moral high ground and sets out to solve what did not cause a trouble or the death of one of the citizens he was sworn to take care of.

Fr some magical reason, we are to forget that the only death that happened  in Charlottesville was by using a car and the injuries were mostly from the ones on his side of politic using assorted weaponry, none firearms.

But what is so important about banning something that did not cause deaths or injuries? Well, it did interfere with the effective use of speech suppression by Antifa. You see, not even the most dedicated Lefty is willing to sacrifice his life by trying to attack somebody carrying a loaded firearm and might return the favor with the deployment of high velocity lead projectiles.

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  1. I see a bloodbath between extremists on the left and the right. You have the disgusting message of the neo-nazi group (though protected by the First Amendment) and you have an equally hateful Left that believes violence is the answer if they don’t like your message regardless of the law. Black lives matter has joined the antifa as another counter protest group and for mutual protection. So now there are power kegs are set up to explode all over the country while the impotent police and cowardly politicians stand by giving way to the antifa mob. But the real thing politicians are waiting for is to water down the Bill of Rights for the ‘good of the people’. Hate speech will again come before the Supreme Court though they have in the past unanimously said ‘hate speech’ is fully protected. And then they will go after the 2nd amendment. Then they will broaden police powers and the American people will start losing more rights.

    1. They won’t broaden police power. They’ll insist on a national police force, taking over for all the state, county, municipal and other forces.

      Then they’ll politicize the hell out of it, worse than even the Chicago PD (as an example).

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