The sh*t has hit the fan

San Francisco is a shit hole.  Literally.  There are so many homeless people and drug addicts attracted to the Bay Area because of its Liberal policies towards these things that the streets of San Francisco are a minefield of human shit and used hypodermic needles.

It is so bad that a Silicon Valley type has created an interactive map app to help people avoid high shit areas of the city.

Drowning a once beautiful city in human shit is not enough for the Progressives of the Bay.  They have to ruin one of few beautiful natural places in the city with dog shit.   Literally.

Crissy Field was an airfield that has been turned into a nature preserve under the control of the National Park Service as part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

A right of center organization, Patriot Prayer, which has publicly denounced white supremacism, got permission to have a free speech rally at the National Park.  At least the Federal Government still respects the 1st Amendment in California.

Bay Area progressive tyrants were unable to stop the Park Service from issuing a permit so are going nuclear.  They are salting the earth, so to speak, with dog shit.   They are saving up their dog shit to take to the beach and spread it around, on purpose, to make the beach so disgusting that Patriot Prayer will leave.

This is vile beyond belief.  

Sodom and Gomorrah had all the same buggery and perversion but I don’t remember anything about thrm spreading shit around on purpose.  

It is time for “the Big One” to hit the Bay and wash it out to sea. 

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