When the facts don’t follow the International Narrative. (Report on Firearm Commerce in the United States)

It has been a while since I checked the small arms manufacturing numbers for the US. Last time was when the UN and international Gun Control groups were trying to shame us saying we were the Number One exporter of guns and in the billions of dollars so the US should go under the UN Small Weapons control crap.

One thing theses international idiots conveniently forgot to explain is that they were including in those “billions” all weapons systems. That includes items like tanks, missiles, planes, etc. But they needed to do whatever is necessary to further their agenda and we know lying is fundamental.

I lost which blogger posted the latest ATF Report on Firearm Commerce in the United States  (my apologies and hat tip) and although he went for the NFA items, I checked production numbers, exports and imports.

Firearms manufactured (2015): 9,358,661.
Firearms exported (2015):               343,456.
Firearms imported (2015):             3,930,211.

I am giving 2015 numbers because the numbers for 2016 in production are not released until a year after. But these are good enough for display.

1- Only 3.66% of firearms manufactured in the US are exported. The rest are for internal use and enjoyment.
2- We imported 10 times more firearms that exported in 2015.  We imported a total of 5,137,771 firearms in 2016 according to the ATF report.

And the countries we import from?

OK, I thought we were done with Taurus. The Lifetime Warranty alone is what’s keeping Brazil in the red.

It seems Florida slipped to third on overall NFA items if my memory serves right. California is above us by just a thousand items and Texas is number one, specially silencers. with 242,859 and second is Florida with measly 85,998!

We need to step up!

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  1. I think Pardner (H&R, owned by Marlin) shotguns are manufactured in China (does that count as an import, or not?). And then there’s Norinco, of course.

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