Hard to be a good Christian.

And what I mean is in general terms of humanity may you belong to whatever religion you do.

Why do I say this? While checking the disaster in Houston via Twitter, I found stupid stuff like this:

She is (was) a staffer for Hilllary. Too stupid to figure out that is not just a flag but also a rudder.

This is one of the gentle ones. I read several celebrating the disaster because Texas is a Red State that voted for Trump. Others, including a Tax Exempt progressive entity stated that they would not help anybody from Texas for the same reason.

And while I am seeing amazing examples of people coming together and helping others no matter what color or religion or politics, this shit was happening in Berkeley:

The best summary of this dichotomy was done by Cameron Gray

To the Left in general, I have only one bit of advice:

Beware the Fury of a Patient Man.


8 Replies to “Hard to be a good Christian.”

  1. Phoenix PD showed how to get the job done. First sign of objects being thrown, they started to use tear gas and pepper balls to break up the crowd. If you don’t want a riot, you stop the escalation at the first sign of perceived violence. The approach works pretty well as long as the local politicians aren’t telling the cops to stand down or give room to destroy.

  2. Cant wait for a natural disaster here in the northeast-i will help my friends and niehbors that are like me. The radical liberals will have to fend forthemselves. Fight them with thier own words and actions. Let them wait for fema

  3. “Sure you can save my life, and as soon as you are done, I’m going to destroy your property.”

    That is the definition of Liberal gratitude right there.

    It goes without saying some of the most entitled people I ever met are those receiving goverment assistance. Working in the service industry, systematically I took the most abuse from people who would pay with an EBT card.

  4. They’re trying to start something they don’t have the means to finish.

    This is a very, very common historical mistake. Like invading the freaking massive country proverbial for being freaking cold without laying up a store of winter supplies, after someone famously tried and failed the exact same thing.

    In this case, the Left is trying to set up another Civil war, and they’re forgetting that one of the key things to winning a war is lots of dude with guns. They don’t have their own guns. They also work extra hard to piss off the professional guys with guns.

    Basically, on one side we have the 98 pound dude who has ingested a bit too much liquid stupid trying to start some nonsense with the 250 pound MMA fighter who honestly wants to be just left alone for a relaxing after work drink.

  5. Just an observation on my part but it seems to me that conservative areas handle natural disasters better than the liberal statist areas. In the conservative areas, folks roll up their sleeves and do what they can to help their fellow residents. In the liberal areas people wait (or are told to wait) for government rescue. Sometimes that means they die waiting.

    People in hurricane, tornado, earthquake, etc. prone areas need to understand that Federal aid and to a lesser extent state aid will mostly be there after the dust settles or water recedes. Your survival during and immediately after depends on you, your family, your friends and neighbors, and your local resources. If you insist on waiting for “the guvment” to save you, the odds ain’t good.

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