8 Replies to “Sunday Funny”

  1. Why do I think they then go into the tent behind them, and hand over the rifle (issued w/o magazine and ammo?), the helmet, the mess kit, and everything else, so they can recycle it to the next bunch in line for the photo op?

    There is no village as fine as a Potemkin Village.

  2. I’m sorry, but do they really think they’re putting together a fighting force that would stop a “Gringo Invasion”? Seriously?

    They’ve got to be nothing but goop to hopefully gum up the tracks of tanks.

    rd is probably right that it’s a big photo op so they think they look scary.

  3. I’d be in that line. Assuming they didn’t just take the rifle back at the end of the photo op. Because I’d have a rifle. I wouldn’t point it at any gringos, but at the Venezuelan government. This can’t be a real tactic. It has to be a fake photo op. Otherwise they’re arming their opposition.

    1. I would do the same. Note they were not marking down the serial numbers or anything like that?

      Hope for, or create a big disturbance; swipe someone else’s rifle in the confusion and hand it off to a compatriot or stash it somewhere. Turn in “your” rifle. Comrade Jose lost his rifle? Not MY Problem, I turned in a rifle.

      Of course, those in line were all loyal Chavistas with impeccable records of informing on their fellow citizens and vetted by the block captains and their Cuban Secret Police bosses. Not the scum sucking counter revolutionaries like us.

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