Gods and Idols

I while ago I made a post called They Need Jesus and another called Heathens, both of which touched on the progressive church of state.  The Left has replaced Judeo-Christian religion with politics in their own lives.  They believe in government the way the faithful believe in god.

I think this tweet by Senator Chris Murphy illustrates that like no other.

To any reasonable person, that is complete bullshit.  A sick child, a family member having difficult personal problems, the death of a loved one, how are any of these, or a million other vexations in life solved by political action?  Of course, they are not.

I wanted to touch on this idea again on the topic of the destruction of monuments and statues.

Others have commented on Antifa being like ISIS in their destruction of monuments.  They have no idea how right they are.

ISIS destroys statues for two reasons: they represent a faith other than Islam and they are idolatry, which is expressly forbidden in Islam.  Islam is a totalitarian faith that allows no expressions of any other faith in the land it controls.  It is a religious duty for Muslims to destroy religious idols.

Vice made the argument that we should Get rid of Mt. Rushmore, because the is:

[S]uspicious of are monuments produced by the state, which tend to flatten out nuances and turn flawed individuals into tools of propaganda that bolster a kind of religious patriotism.”

This is the same writer that described the Washington Monument as “George Washington’s phallus towering over everything in DC.”  Because making a dick joke out of the Washington Monument is barely 8th grade humor, forgetting the obelisk as a monument dates back to ancient Egypt.

His idea of “religious patriotism” is projection.  The cherry tree story about Washington is OK for kids, but adults are supposed to understand the truth about history.  Our founders, like every other human on Earth, were flawed.

Why build monuments to them?  Because we understand that some men seized a moment or rose to an occasion and did something that changed the course of history.  We owe it to ourselves to remember that.

For the faithful in the church of state a monument is more than a reminder, it is an idol.   They fashion the politicians they support into figures of greatness.

Hillary as an unstoppable giant and a world unto herself.


The great Saint Obama.

Because these people engage regularly in political idolatry, they assume the rest of us do to.

They see monuments to Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, even Confederate leaders and assume they are there for us to worship and fawn over.

They cannot stand to see them because they are literally idols of another faith.

The belief system of these Leftist and of ISIS isn’t just similar, it is identical.

They must purge the idols and symbols of all competing faiths from the areas that they control.

6 Replies to “Gods and Idols”

  1. The real reason that writer wants veterans kicked from colleges is they blow the curve. Hard to justify inflated grades for the barely-literate when competent, articulate students are in the class.

    And hard to push nonsense theories when there are people who have Been There, Done That in the class, as well. Notice the objection to veterans specifically rejecting racial politics.

  2. If you kick God out of your life, then the resultant vacuum will be filled with evil and selfish silliness.

    Worship the creation (e.g. AGW) not the Creator.

    They think mankind is perfectable (e.g. government is the answer for every ill in society, failure to recognize evil; promote gun control and pacifism).

  3. During the election a friend got me a Hillary Coloring Book. A f-ing coloring book. The pages inside make her out to be almost god-like. Each one is about a chapter in her life and with glowing titles. ‘Unstoppable ambition’, ‘A Budding Activist’, “The Pride of Wellesley’, ‘The Hardest Working Woman in Washington’, ‘The Most Well-travelled and Most tweeted Woman in the World”. I almost threw up reading it. But it shows the depths that a large amount of people on the left are invested in politics. They worship politics.

  4. “They believe in government the way the faithful believe in god.”

    This immediately made me think of:

    “Science adjusts it’s views based on whats Observed…Faith is the denial of observation, so that Belief can be preserved.” STORM – Tim Minchin https://youtu.be/HhGuXCuDb1U

    Insomuch as when the policies fail spectacularly (which is usually the case), the response is invariably “Do it again only HARDER!”

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