For the love of a dog

I wanted to sit last night out from blogging.   I was overwhelmed by the horrible shit people were saying about Texas last night.  Twitchy covered some of it but I saw people on the periphery of my social media echoing the same crap. 

Then catastrophe in Berkeley, and in was done. 

I needed to sign off for an evening and recover from the lack of humanity I was witnessing.

Then a buddy of mine sent me this.

It broke my fucking heart.

I couldn’t care less about the communist bitch getting arrested.

I am a dog person.   I speak dog.  My wife could tell you about my magic dog powers.

I have friends who have service dogs.  They are all veterans.   One had suicidal ideation.   He came home with a TBI and shortly after that his girlfriend was killed.  If it weren’t for his service dog, he might not be alive today.  

Service dogs are invaluable to the veterans that have and need them and help with recovery from PTSD with less medication.

Did this worthless pile of shit in a Black Panthers shirt bring her service dog to a protest where it was probably terrified and could easily have gotten hurt?

If so, I am done trying to preserve the remnants of my milk of human kindness.  

I hope she dies in custody and her dog is adopted by a family that will really love it and treat it well.

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