I am back with a SIG fail.

Sorry I was off the grid for a couple of days. Little (not so little) family medical emergency which is gonna set all plans of purchase of the 1964 Model 70 Sights back some.  Holy carp how expensive medical shit can get.

OK, what we have is something I saw just now in Facebook and I have no shame in copying:

I will let you people have fun with this one.

9 Replies to “I am back with a SIG fail.”

    1. It’s more of the “Gee, I really want to put a round into the back of my left hand.” direction of the pistol. I know it’s supposed to simulate her drawing from AIWB, but it’s a bit of bad imagery.

  1. Gun bunny issues aside it’s just a bad pic. The colors are washed out, the composition is off, the model looks odd with that ruffled-front blouse and her mouth open like that… confusing and unattractive.
    Worse, there’s no story. Generally a picture ‘tells a story’. What’s the story here? Is this person supposed to be a plainclothes cop? Are they a soccer mom stuck in traffic? Is some minivan-riding college chick about to pull into the last good parking space in front of the Habitat for Humanity store where all the folks who dress well dump last year’s blouses?

    1. I don’t know. I hope she doesn’t shoot her hand off, but for sure, the photo director has told her to keep her trigger finger way the heck away from the trigger. And there’s just something about the area of the picture near the gun that I just find mysteriously appealing.

      1. This is why the company should have hired someone like Oleg Volk for that photo. He knows about guns and correct handling, as do his models.

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