Perverting your children

Moms Demand Action was all upset because a kindergarten took a field trip to a gun range and induced a firearms safety course.

The response from the Moms Facebook crowd was as predictable as it was stupid.

Yep, because meth is legal and protected by a constitutional amendment.  Oh wait, it’s not.  A legal gun range is safe and responsible and the kids were given safe firearms handling training.

I didn’t know that these kids were being taught to hate Jews and the West and to kill people.  Or does she believe just holding a gun makes you a bad person.  I wonder what Deb Potter has to say about Leftist parents who use their kids to protest for Lefty causes, like the kindergartners who protested Betsy DeVos, the kids who protested Trump’s immigration policy, the six-year-old who was used by a pro illegal immigration group for a year to stage hugging the Pope, or kids being used for pro-choice marches.

I bet all those are fine by her.

PBS, a bastion of Liberal thought (or lack there of), thinks we should teach sex ed in kindergarten.  Sex ed is getting more and more graphic for younger and younger kids.  Does David Raper think it is a good idea to teach kindergarteners about anal sex because PBS thinks so?  If teaching gun safety leads to accidental shootings then I guess teaching safe anal sex to small children leads to sodomy.

I agree.  Maybe then we shouldn’t be having kindergarten transgender reveal parties where kids can become all confused about the basic biology of boys and girls.  Perhaps reading and math are more important than punishing the crimethink of not using a fellow kindergarten student’s preferred pronoun.

I’m not even sure were to go with this.  Being a law abiding gun owner makes you a Klansmen?  This is so prejudiced that I lack words to describe it.

I guess she comes from the Yvette Felarca middle school of thought, everything I don’t like makes you a Nazi.

This is where these people show their true colors.

It is totally fine for 5 year olds to learn how important it is to properly gender their transgender sex partner while demanding free abortion on demand, but if they learn proper gun safety, the world is coming to an end.

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  1. Point them to Oleg Volk’s website. He has lots of great photos of young shooters, including some serious competition target shooters under 10 years old. Just don’t stand too close or you’ll get splattered with exploding brain matter. Oh wait, not to worry, there’s nothing there to explode. 🙂

  2. You have to understand–they’ve had a really bad week, They’re really mad about the kid in Atlanta and his mom. That just didn’t work out like it was supposed to. They put all this effort into making sure that they have a steady flow of ignorant and innocent victims’ bodies for blood-dancing, and mom doesn’t even wound herself or her son. I mean, come on! What do they have to do to get a dead kid, pull the trigger themselves? And now this? What else could go wrong?

    These kids are going to learn gun safety, meaning they’ll be smart enough to avoid doing something stupid and tragic with a gun, which in turn means less chances for innocent victims’ bodies. That means no blood-dancing, their second favorite sport, and even less money pouring in (their first favorite sport) because they can’t point to more tragedies they helped to create with their foolish burying-their-heads-in-the-sand approach to gun ownership.

    That’s a dozen or so kids who now know how to handle a firearm safely, and more importantly, what is unsafe in regards to firearms. Those kids are lost to them forever. So, let’s gin up some outrage, here would ya? There’s money at stake!

  3. Bravo Georgia. We need more of this everywhere. Whats the tag line? Everytown for gun safety? Hhhmmm isnt THAT what Georgia did?? Heh heh heh. Morons, they too stupid to see its falling apart.

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