That’s helpful

The group called Young Texas Democrats decided that the best way to help their fellow Texans after Hurricane Harvey was to protest the arrival of President Donald Trump in Texas.

They could have driven the 170 miles from Austin to Houston to be 70 more sets of helping hands.  They could have carried down water, formula, diapers, the things people need.

Instead they decided to #Resist.

They absolutely have the right to do that.   They are entitled to their First Amendment protections.

I just think that if their response to a disaster in their own back yard is to protest the President who has come to help, because actually volunteering is insufficiently partisan and too much work; they can at least volunteer to stop breathing because they are using up oxygen needed by hard working first responders.

One Reply to “That’s helpful”

  1. Yeah, these yunglins could have indeed offered to help their fellow neighbor human beings instead of showing their rampant anal-cranial inversion to the world. They chose not to help? Hey it is still a free (more or less) country.

    I’m of the opinion that these future parasites of society will get their comeuppance from those same neighbors they’re refusing to help now, sooner rather than later.
    I have several native Texan friends. Like native Floridians, they’re faithful to their true friends, a terror to their enemies, and have memories like elephants. ‘Nuff said.

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