7 Replies to “PS: Dear Charlie Hebdo”

  1. ‘Merica at its finest. Army or Nat Guard or whatever: “our truck is under 5 feet of water and dead”. Texan, “No problem. Let me get my truck”.

  2. If Ol’ Charlie is paying attention the next time some gang of thugs breaks down the doors and murders everyone in sight, he will notice that, once again, it ain’t Texans.

  3. Well, I’m pretty sure the chick flipping them off is the kind of response that would have the guys at Charlie Hebdo (those left post-January 2015, well …) chuckle.

    They dish banter/shock and expect and enjoy it in return.

    I have to admit that their previous cover, regarding the latest attack in Barcelona is quite straight to the point:


    “Islam, Religion of eternal peace.”

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