So Charlie Hebdo magazines are being assholes again.

Depicting all things Texas as Nazi.

Listen, Europe does have a long tradition (dwindling) of Shock Satire. Those publications are their version of Howard Stern without the hot chicks.

Disgusting?Uninformed? Biased? Bigoted? Yes, yes, yes, yes and one extra for the ones I forgot. But we Americans understand their right to be assholes like that even though their own country may not have as ample Free Speech as we do.

What we need to do is simply direct our energies to pray and do what is necessary for our people here the same way we will do for the editors and workers of Charlie Hebdo the next time  group of “Asian Refugees” from the Middle east use them as target practice.


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  1. Nope, no cussing here. The French will be French although I will bet that there are more anti-Semitic , nativist, Neo- Nazis in France than there are in Texas.

    As one wag commented, Eisenhower liberated the French from the Germans about the time the French finished learning the Horst Wessel song; they have been annoyed at Americans ever since. They reserve a good deal of ire for Texas, in particular. Historical note: when the French threatened war with the Republic of Texas, the Texas Secretary of War offered to send half the Texas regular Army home on leave, so it would be a fair fight.

    Hooray for free speech, and a middle finger salute from Texas to Charlie Hebdo.

  2. Monsieur Charlie, nobody here cares what you think, except possibly the antifa communist crowd. Je suis Texan and I hate communists.

  3. I seem to recall that the Europeans gave us original Nazism and that plenty of the French liked it and went along with it.

    The French have a long history of causing wars, having bloody revolutions, and cowardly politically expedient manuevers, affiliations, and surrenders that they are the punchline of a lot of jokes.

    So, the French criticizing anything that we Americans are or do carries zero weight or authority. They are grovelling and jealous losers. Goes double for CH. All good will I had for them post CH attack is gone.

    1. In the foreward of one of his books, historian John Mosier quoted a European historian whose name I forget, along the lines of “…If, in 1930, someone had told me that there would arise a militaristic national political movement that would invade every nation around it and literally commit genocide, I would have said, ‘Yeah, those French are real bastards’ .”

  4. So Muslim gunmen kill how many people at Hebdo headquarters?? The Texan response?? Sponsor a draw muhammad contest and set a trap for the terrorists. As they say in the comics, nuff said!

  5. These guys are basically a no-holds barred, more douchy version, of the old Mad or Cracked with a political theme.

    I can’t get too worked about them – it’s just them being them…

      1. Even the Euro Right is Leftist- they support free government crap, government supremacy over media, government, government, and more government. They just have a more national focus instead of the Marxically approved international focus.

  6. “Historical note: when the French threatened war with the Republic of Texas, the Texas Secretary of War offered to send half the Texas regular Army home on leave, so it would be a fair fight.”

    Being a history buff, I’d love a cite or reference to learn more. A quick perusal of the State of Texas’ historical narrative on their web site didn’t reveal anything. I’m curious.

    And I’m with you – had France been the center of the rise of fascism in Europe in the 20’s and 30’s, no one would have been particularly surprised. France collaborated more than they like to admit with the Nazis. Many thousands of brave Frenchmen and women also risked their lives in the resistance. Some of our current nutjobs in this country like to style themselves after that resistance – and they soil the memory of those fighters. They are merely cowardly thugs and self-serving bullies, deserving of our contempt.

    And if they’re spoiling for a fight, I’d warn them: be careful what you wish for.

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