Hospital Crud is still kicking my ass.

Sorry guys and gals for the lack of posting. Instead of improving, whatever the hell I picked up at the hospital decided to increase its asshole level which was no fun since I had to go out into the real world.  I am unable to come u with the words for a couple of posts I had in mind, so I am just gonna take it easy.

I leave you with a comic strip from my childhood: Mafalda. I bumped into this particular one not long ago and I had to laugh because it was one of two strips the author made and they managed to ruin chess for me. This was the time of Bobby Fischer and Gary Kasparov matches so all the kids wanted to play chess.

The original strip was in Spanish so I translated it. The inquisitor is a toddler that goes by the name of Guille. Mafalda is his sister and is seated on the left and on the right Felipito who is a neighbor.


4 Replies to “Hospital Crud is still kicking my ass.”

  1. Hey… I had a cousin named Mafalda. Passed away 30 years ago in her 80s. She was Italian, not Hispanic.

    Only Mafalda I had ever known or met, and this comic is the first time I’ve heard that name since she passed.

    1. There was a great influx of both Italian and Spanish immigrants to South America prior and after WWII.
      I was eating original parmesan cheese cut from a wheel when I had enough teeth to do so because we had Italian neighbors that ate it with every meal. I got my love for Italian food from them.

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