Neither Socialism nor European Elitism can do this.

Only a filthy rich capitalist can open his store and place millions of dollars of his goods so the unfortunate can have dry place to sleep. It is a cloud of volunteers that came over and helped this “Nazi” guy to keep the rescued people clothed fed and cared for.

This is the real America. This is what we are. This is what we will fight to keep.

My contempt about Europe is growing more and more everyday. I am guessing the good ones have already emigrated and those that remain will serve as proud slaves of whatever kingdom ends up swallowing the Old Countries.

And I shan’t miss them much.

3 Replies to “Neither Socialism nor European Elitism can do this.”

  1. Mattress Mack has always been one of the good guys around Houston. And yep, I’ve bought furniture from his store. Funny how that works.

  2. In the same vein – Academy Sports headquarters outside of Houston is now the home to 400 cops and firefighters working rescues. Not only are they being housed, but Academy is providing free meals. In addition, they opened stores for them to take whatever they needed, boats, life vests, clothing, etc. The Wall Street Journal had a large article about this yesterday.

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