Protest I support

Some people were in DC protesting Trump in Dinosaur costumes.

I couldn’t see their sign or hear what they were shouting, but the only thing that makes sense to me is that they must be protesting for funding for dinosaur cloning research.   I fully support that and believe Trump should fund that.  I can’t wait to see actual living Tyrannosaurus at the National Zoo.

3 Replies to “Protest I support”

  1. You think that this would have made the national newscasts? It is original, offbeat, humorous, and non-violent. I would think that it would have great visual impact?

    I guess that it doesn’t meet the requirements of today’s news media. Where is the violence? The senseless smashing of windows and faces? The indiscriminate destruction and arson? It doesn’t bleed, so it doesn’t lead.

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