The Battle for National Reciprocity is ON.

You have to admit that the strategy is smart. We should know, we have been using the low-key and very personal approach for a while now.

And it is almost smart (not quite) that Moms Demand are trying to make this a States’ Rights issue but I do believe this can be countered with variations on  old questions used when Concealed Carry was trying to pass in each state, specially Florida and those that came immediately after:

Do you think the citizens of your state are stupid to own guns?

Do you trust the citizens of your state to carry a firearm for their defense?

Why don’t you want the citizens of your state to be able to defend themselves outside your state? 

Does the Right to defend oneself stops at the State Line?

If you think defending yourself outside the state is such bad idea, how come we have reciprocity agreements with (x number) of states? How come you have not spoken against this before?

By the way, Representative Jody Rice (pictured above) is registered and elected as a Republican. Last time I saw a member of a legislature getting this chummy with Moms Demand, Florida got screwed out of Open Carry and other good gun bills by the same people who are now (allegedly) in Favor of State Rights.

Season is always open for RINOS.

Hat tip Jeff A.


10 Replies to “The Battle for National Reciprocity is ON.”

  1. Just to add to your questions:

    Why is national reciprocity of driving, which every state calls a privilege and not a right, just peachy-fine while reciprocity of an enumerated, constitutionally protected right is bad?

    In a sane world this bill wouldn’t even be needed. Of course, that boat sailed a long time ago.

  2. I don’t think they understand reciprocity. I have AL, FL, UT, and AZ permits. That gives me 40 states and all of the South.

    I get NY, NJ, MA, MD, and CA not wanting the flyover rednecks they hate to carry guns in their states, but the rest of the country already has reciprocal agreements to varying degrees.

    1. They will fight it tooth and nail, because if the flyover rednecks can carry in NYC, NJ, CA, and Massachusetts it will show just how empty their control really is. You think with the murderous carnage in Baltimore that Maryland would realize how stupid their gun control fantasy really is?

      If we ever get National Reciprocity, the NRA should schedule a convention in the belly of the beast to celebrate the death of the Sullivan Laws.

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