Florida Fake Cop

Oh dear God.

One driver who refused to stop called FHP when Chang tried to pull him over while driving a dark-tinted Toyota Camry, troopers said. The driver told troopers that Chang had pulled alongside him and flashed a badge. When the driver didn’t stop, Chang drove in front of the car and slowed down, at which time the driver called for help, troopers said. Chang was stopped near mile marker 41 in Broward County. Troopers found a concealed weapons permit badge hanging around Chang’s neck and a .357 revolver behind the passenger seat, a media release said.

Source: Man arrested on suspicion of impersonating law enforcement….

Not enhancing the popularity of the already maligned badges.  Save your money and use it to buy ammo or a spare magazine: it will serve you better.

Hat tip Jeff S.

8 Replies to “Florida Fake Cop”

  1. I still want a badge, to keep in a glass case, that reads, “ABSOLUTELY NOT A COP”.

    Of course I was nearly arrested for impersonating a cop once.

    I’d replaced the Chevy logo on the Biscayne with a blue LED logo. Since the Biscayne is a close relative of the Caprice, the New Port Richey cop figured I was pulling people over. Owning a Glock and having it in the glove box made me “fit the profile”. So did, apparently, my NEON BLUE MOHAWK…

    For the life of me, anyone who would have let me act like a cop to them would have deserved whatever they got!

    1. THATS FUNNY. I had a dark blue GTO years ago and a buddy who worked in a glass shop gave me some blue plexiglas and I made some headlite covers. Never turned lights on with them, ever. Got pulled over in Georgia and told to take them off. I didnt have a blue mohawk tho.

  2. Spend that badge money on training before you strap that heater on in public again. If that training doesn’t fix your Walter Mitty syndrome, sell your gun and take up golf.

  3. We have an old guy in our suburb (of Phoenix) who owns a white BMW motorcycle with a luggage box with a blue dome light. I guess if you squint really hard, it might looks sort of like a police motorcycle. Every once in awhile he pulls out of his garage, turns on the dome light and blocks the intersection nearby for a few minutes. What’s funny is, everybody stops even though it’s pretty obvious he’s not a bona fide cop. I like to think they are stopping to give the guy his moment, even through deep down I know they are too dumb to know better or too scared to take a chance on passing him.

    I guess my point is that there are lots of people who have this urge- but not everybody pulls people over with a fake badge and a gun. The old guy I mention is harmless- the guy in this story is likely to get killed by someone, or kill someone.

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