Once again, it is the FOUR RULES, not the Four Suggestions.


Now, there is no excuse. If you don’t know where the final resting lace of your bullet is, you should not be shooting it.

However, the death is still under investigation and they don’t know yet if it was an accidental shooting or what.

But I am not surprised if for some, the irresponsible shooting in the Glades is fueled in part by signs like this.

If there was a state office who is/was brutally abusing its power in a gun control effort, South Florida Water Management District is the one.  Old heads will remember the campaign against Pop’s range and his widow years ago. They wanted the land and they tried their best to get it trying to pull all kind of trickery both legal and “scientific.” They finally had to give up when shooters came together to help and the office itself was gravelly defunded.  Still to this day, SFWMD provokes not very nice visceral reactions among South Florida shooters.

So yes, you can say “EFF YOU!” but do it safely.

2 Replies to “Once again, it is the FOUR RULES, not the Four Suggestions.”

    1. This was during the pre-emption challenge times and they were not dealing directly with the shooting part but with the water pollution stuff… which test after test showed ZEO… but still SFWMD would not budge.

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