This is not forecasting hurricanes.

If you have been watching the weather people during the latest hurricane troubles, you may have heard about the “European Model” and how is being praised for accuracy.

We have Irma coming over this side of the country and I have been checking the probable paths including the European forecasts:

Somewhere under that “spaghetti” of tracks that may or may not happen,  is Florida.

That is not a forecast. That is a “Fuck it. let’s buy all the tickets to the raffle and then we can claim we know our shit.”

My belief is that Cuba is gonna get beaten to crap and Irma will continue to the Gulf. But as my wife has pointed out, I am wrong a lot. Anyway, we won’t know better till at least Wednesday.

One Reply to “This is not forecasting hurricanes.”

  1. We have a very reliable method for predicting the weather in my home town (both short and long term); find out what my dad thinks is gong to happen, then bet on the opposite. He is better than the weatherman, as long as you know the trick.

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