I am humbled.

I always say Gun People is the best. I am in shock right now from all the people who have offered me whatever space they have available to escape from Irma. These are total strangers, never met them. Yet our passion for the same things and principles has somehow made us family and they are willing to open their home to my family.

I am so very humbled by your generosity and I thank you.

I am tempted to evacuate just to visit all of you, shake you hand and share a cold pop.

After all this is over, we do need think about doing  some sort of get together: South East Bloggers (and farther) plus readers.  Make it a January thing when is cool. For some reason my mind bounces to the mini-series Centennial and the “Rendezvous des Amis” I think it was called when all the Mountain Men gathered to see each other and have fun after a harsh winter. There was  shooting and tomahawk throws, feats of strength and , of course, eating and drinking.

And yes, there will be a yellow apron dance.

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  1. It’s still looking like Irma is hitting South Florida in some way this weekend. Right now, it says over the Flamingo area and up the middle of the state, but the trend has been pushing the right turn farther east. Maybe it will pull a Matthew and go up to the Carolinas staying over water? I’m waiting till Friday to decide if I’m putting up the shutters.

    A Florida blogroll meetup could be fun. With the state in two time zones and almost 900 miles from Key West to the Alabama state line, where do you hold a get together? I guess it depends on where we are?

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