All buttoned up.

It is funny. We have done all that we can to be ready for Irma and we are still going through the “What are we missing?’ part of the equation which will be followed up with the “Screw it, nothing else we can do right now.

The new track is showing Irma shifting west which means we won’t get hit hard, but now good people in the West Coast of Florida are under the threat of 155 mph sustained winds.

BUT… I am not trusting a guesstimate. This type of events play Marco Polo with forecasters and until I don’t see that the eye has passed 26 degree latitude.

Everybody, stay safe.


2 Replies to “All buttoned up.”

  1. It’s crazy how 36hrs delta in forecast changes the outlook. At midnight Friday/Saturday morning the expected winds for 9pm Sunday for Bonita Springs is 109mph/gust 134. At the same time on the east coast in Boca, 54G74mph.

    I pray you escape storm surge inundation and minimal future disruption in S. Fla. Good luck this weekend, Miguel.

  2. I look at this and it reminds me a of an old joke; What did the Hurricane say to the Coconut tree? Hang on to your nuts, this is not going to be any ordinary blow job! 🙂

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