Another Academic Idiot

Kevin Willmott is a professor of film studies at the University of Kansas.  He has decided to jump on the anti-campus carry grandstand act by wearing a bulletproof vest to his class.

This stunt wasn’t that effective when another professor did it in Texas, but when was the last time you heard of a Left leaning academic having an original idea?

Willmott is also a co-writer of the movie Chi-Raq, in which the black women of Chicago take on gun violence by not having sex with their boyfriends (because ripping off Aristophanes is an original thought too); so you know he’s serious about the gun crime issue.

Willmott makes two points that shows that he clearly has no idea what he is talking about.

One: that young people shouldn’t be around guns.  Except, like in every other state, concealed carry is legal only for people 21 and older.  The idea of the booze-hound freshman with a carry piece is strawman.

Two: college campuses are some sort of special place where the rules of larger society don’t belong.  This idea is becoming more and more odious.  In Maryland, a member of Congress wants to write a bill for colleges to define what sort of speech is “hate speech” and shouldn’t be allowed.

Willmott and academics like him are an embarrassment.  They act as though colleges and universities are the tiny fiefdoms that they are the kings of.  They know little to nothing of the non academic world and certainly don’t want the realities of the non academic world penetrating into their safe space.

After the divestment and cuts we’ve seen at places like Mizzou and Evergreen State, the biggest threat to a guy like Willmott is not some legal CCW permit holder.  It is his own stupid mouth showing potential students and their parents that it’s not worth sending their kids to KU because the professors there are out of touch idiots.

3 Replies to “Another Academic Idiot”

  1. He’s not afraid of college kids carrying or shooting him. If he was truly scared, he wouldn’t advertise to his potential assassins where not to shoot him. This is typical post-modernist virtue signaling.

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