Crap Meme

Shortly after the dust-up in Charlottesville, I saw a quasi-viral tweet that attempted to sum up the progressive stance on the situation.

The point, was of course, to mock the people who agreed with the “violence on both sides” position taken by Trump and others.

I have touched on this subject before, but in the last few days some news has brought me back to this tweet.

I think I’m going to have to give my own take on it.

Nazis: Let’s get rid of the Jews.  

Yeah, that is pretty much unchanged.

Now Antifa.

Antifa: Jews are Fascists.  Let’s throw the Jews off of the U Illinois campus.


How about #BLM?

Black Lives Matter: We stand in solidarity with Palestinian Terrorists, and spread lies about Israel and the Jews.

  That leaves the Centrists.

Centrists: When it comes to their opinion on the Jews, I literally cannot tell these apart.   

The truth about these people is becoming more clear every day.

I think I can simplify this even further

Nazis: White identitarian, Jew hating socialists.

Antifa: Progressive identity politics, Jew hating socialists.

BLM: Black identitarian, Jew hating socialists.

It’s a diversity of Nazis.


6 Replies to “Crap Meme”

  1. Amazing how well the left has erased the genocides of the communists from memory. And how well they hide the genocidal rhetoric of “Black Lives Matter (when we can stand on their corpses to get power)”.

    1. But those weren’t “Real” Socialist, or so the refrain goes.
      This is usually said after the socialist government in question has failed. Before that point, Leftist have no problem pointing to that government as a utopia.

    1. I always found it funny that they use the term “Aryan”, which after all is a anthropological or linguistic designation for the people of Northern India.

  2. Once again you have nailed it. Since I am 1/8 Jewish, those Nazis would kill me too. Since I’m a mostly white American Constitutionalist Conservatarian , those other folks would be happy to do the same. This is America, however, law-abiding people are not merely cattle to be abused and the outcome would be different from what they expect.

    Should thise Antifa thugs attack me with a bike lock in a sock, they get to meet my Glock. Actually-it’s a Colt, but the other way rhymes. It’s a great solution for Nazis, racists of all types and terrorists too.

    Again Thanks for hitting the nail on the head.

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