Glimmer of hope?

This is from the Hurricane Irma Discussion Number 36.  That first Inland mentioned there? About my latitude, 40 miles west of me and 50 from the east Coast of South Florida.

That would make a weak Category 3 at the eye and possibly a weak Category 2 where I live.

The house survived Wilma which was a Cat 3. Roof was damaged, but it was the original roof when the house was built and in need of change anyway.

Keeping prayers and fingers crossed.

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  1. I don’t know if you use the NOAA/NWS websites, but they have an interesting graphic. You can click on your location and get a chart like this link that gives predicted winds, gusts and everything. I don’t know where you are and just clicked near Miami. The graphic says Virginia Gardens. Highest winds forecast are 90 mph gusting 110.

    Last year, for Matthew, my local NWS page was far more accurate than the Hurricane Center, Accuweather, or any of the big hurricane sites.

  2. Well Miguel, you guys are looking a lot better off now than you were. Now we here in Fort Myers are going to catch a direct hit according to the latest tracks (early 9-9-17). For a while there I was thinking “I sure feel sorry for the people in Miami” – now not so much. Hope the damn thing runs straight out in the gulf! Best of luck to ALL of us!!

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