Getting hit by outer bands.

The tape is just to see the sustained winds in action. This gust I figure should be about 40-45 mph. And this is a baby, add 30 mph more and you have barely a Category one. 185 mph as initially expected? I can wrap my head around it.

Right now, we have probably a 15-20 mph sustained wind. It is supposed to reach sustained winds of 52 mph for tomorrow noon with gusts of 70. But as I have been saying, until that sucker’s eye is not past Latitude 27, I won’t feel somewhat safe.

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  1. 15-20 mph sustained is a Tuesday here in iowa, 50-70 is not usual, but we do see at least a few days a year up here. Above that doesnt happen without a tornado, and I’m glad for that. Good luck with the more severe stuff, hoping it stays out to sea.

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