11 Replies to “Hurricane Irma “preparations”: I don’t have the words”

  1. The cardboard isn’t any less effective than making a masking tape X over the window and you see that everywhere.

    Strapping the roof on is a pretty interesting idea, though. If your house isn’t built with metal tie downs on the roof trusses, maybe it would help?

  2. Bless their hearts. With plywood being pretty much gone everywhere in Florida, I’m guessing panic replaced smarts and they opted for whatever they could do to feel somewhat protected.
    Hope someone tells them they better evac ‘cuz cardboard and water (and wind) do not mix well.

    1. I was going to ask why doesn’t everyone already have plywood for Windows with storms so frequent, but then I remembered that here in New England we sell out of snow shovels at every big storm.

      1. The problem here in Floriduh is where to store that plywood. Most people put it in the garage or outdoors and it just deteriorates, so next storm you have to get more.
        I’m getting shutters installed next year if all goes well. Was going to do it this year but had some unexpected medical expenses that flattened my cashflow.

          1. I bought and installed that style in 2001. Drilling the holes in the concrete block and bolting on the brackets took me ALL day. But once the brackets are on it takes only about 30 min to install all of the shutters for the whole house. Just be sure to label each panel for which window or door it goes to for next time.

  3. I hope the guy with the straps had an engineering analysis done on the force of lift on the roof with 130+MPH winds vs the tear rating of the straps. Failure mode in action.

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