The Abode of McThag: Case Study

This is also a misinterpretation of Florida’s emergency order law which bans the sale of guns and ammo.The law is for when the sheriff declares, in essence, martial law because of the devastation; not for when the governor declares a state of emergency.  You really have to dig into the statutes to find the distinction in the emergency declarations.

Source: The Abode of McThag: Case Study

After all these years, there is still confusion about the sale of ammo. Of course certain local govs are purposefully obtuse just to “avoid” problems.


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  1. Wallyworld by my home removed all ammo from the case. Only thing left was 12Ga shells next to the ammo case. I though they had removed the ammo in case of looting after the storm, but ironycally they were robbed last nite.

  2. I don’t understand. Sheriff or governor, “martial law” or “emergency”, none of those things have any Constitutional authority to interfere with the people’s right to be armed. And that right obviously must include the right to buy the things needed for those arms, such as ammunition.
    Where does this “martial law” notion come from, anyway? People sometimes apply it to the Federal government, which is absurd since no such thing exists in the Federal Constitution. (The only thing even close is the clause that says sometimes the right of habeas corpus can be suspended.) And even if states had such a notion as martial law, that can’t override federally guaranteed rights such as those mentioned in the Bill of Rights.

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