12 Replies to “Hurricane Irma: Sort of Live Blogging.”

  1. I just got a text from Miguel. For those who aren’t FB friends of his, Miguel sends:

    Continued to get hit by outer bands. My area has not seen as much rain as last night. Media is losing their collective shits trying to sell a tropical storm like the end of the world . Stepped out for a few. Branches all over, leaves but no major damage.

    Forecasted top high winds to last another couple of hours and then a sloooow descent till late to it. Still no power , everybody ok.

    Next update 3PM

    1. Thx for update. I’m in NE Polk county and rain/wind is picking up. Still have power so watching a Tampa TV channel. Looks like the eye shifted again and it will be passing over Tampa… at least until it shifts again. LoL

      Shifty Irma is what they should call this storm. 😉

  2. Sorry, didn’t put this up at the time. This was his 2:30PM update

    Early update: The center of the hurricane is starting to move north of us. This is my “safe” line as in the effing thing is leaving the area. The dirty side will continue to pester us till tomorrow mid morning.

    No electricity, but water is still running.

    Next update at 6pm EST

  3. Late update from Miguel:|

    Miguel sends:

    7:12pm. I am outside on my porch. Still windy, no rain. No damages I can see.

    Power still out and not expected for several days. Gonna be hot as dragon’s nuts in an African summer.

    Update tomorrow.

    Nighty night

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