Newspaper delivered?

I opened the front door just now to check on the neighborhood, and to my surprise, I saw that the Nuevo Herald, the Spanish version of the Miami Herald we get for my Mom was delivered.

And I had not realized that Saturday’s paper had not been delivered. Nor that we were caring anyway because there is a freaking hurricane in the neighborhood!

Who was the genius that thought they would make a great impression by sending the newspaper delivery squad to toss the birdcage poop trap under Tropical Storm conditions? Wind is gusting kinda hard, debris is flying. Cops and firemen are taking it easy (scanner has been illuminating)

Bad move Miami Herald, bad move.

One Reply to “Newspaper delivered?”

  1. Having spent 20+ years in newspaper circulation, I can assure you the Miami Herald is receiving calls today about missed delivery. Call them next week and see if they can tell you how many.

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