“It’s alive!… ALIVE!”

Hello everybody. We made it!

We are out of power, but we have Internet and Water. I am running the modem through the generator so I won’t stay long. It is a small 5K Watts which can do the Fridge, fans and not too much else.

I took a quick spin around the area this morning. Here is some of the damage.

I’ll update more later and do longer posts once the electricity and the Air Conditioning) are back.

And thank you thank you for all the good wishes and prayers. It did get sporty there for a bit.

6 Replies to ““It’s alive!… ALIVE!””

  1. My mother’s family lost everything to the Great Hurricane of ’38. I’m still picking up a few bits and pieces from Irene, but we all made it through to pick up the pieces.

    Good to see you make it through as well.

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