Power is back, blogging will return tomorrow.

I am gonna need some time to put all the hurricane crap away and that is not counting the hurricane panels. Gonna do a write-up for the blog and a segment for the Gunblog VarietyCast about Irma, what we went through, didn’t go through and lessons learned.

I heard, that Irma dumped about 10 inches of water in Miami Dade. That is a brutal amount if you consider that he highest natural elevation is just 6 feet high. That we are not floating away into the ocean is due to the very complex and efficient net of canals the Corp of Engineers, state and local governments spent decades working on.


The water level usually is at least a foot and a half lower during regular rainy season.

For once, I get to see and enjoy something that government did right.

PS: Good fishing there.

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