Catholic Versus Jews is not a thing.

This was supposed to be a comment on J. Kb.’s post, but it got long so it requires its own post.

Pope John XIII began the groundwork to stop the Catholics v Jews stupidity. The Vatican Council 2 established Judaism as where the Catholic Church came from and it could not be denied or rejected.

“The Church of Christ acknowledges with a grateful heart that the beginnings of the faith and of its election, along with the saving mystery of God, can already be found among the Patriarchs and Prophets. For all the believers in Christ, the sons of Abraham according to the faith (cf. Gal. 3:7), are included in the vocation of that same Patriarch and that the salvation of the Church is mystically prefigured in the exodus of the Chosen People from the land of bondage. The Church, a new creature in Christ (cf. Eph. 2:15), cannot forget that it is a continuation of that people with whom of old God, out of his ineffable mercy, was pleased to make his Old Covenant.”
 “On the Attitude of Catholics Toward Non-Christians and Especially Toward Jews”  November 8, 1963.

I went to a Catholic school and I remember being drilled on how it was a now a sin to have anti-Semite feelings and to spread the word in our families if we encountered it (This was around 1967-68, still fresh) and I remember having Jewish kids with us at school. They did not look different from anybody so there was no prejudice other that the usual crap that happens among kids.

I do remember a little story published about John XXIII meeting with Rabbis at the Vatican’s entrance and asking them to come in first by saying; “Old testament before the New Testament.”

That sealed it better than any papal decree could.

One more thing, Antisemitism was unheard of in Venezuela till the Chavez revolution. For some reason, Socialism always ends up either blaming the Gringos and/or the Jews for its failings. Lots of Jewish families did not wait for shit to get started against them and took off for better places. Those who remained, did so while liquidating assets, moved to secure compounds under armed guard and rumor has it they were former IDF.  The government was smart enough not to fuck with them.

This is Venezuela now. You cannot tell how utterly embarrassing this is to me.

“Death to Judeo-Democracy.” WTF is that?


“David, I shit on your star.”


“Zionist assassins” and “Zionist Terrorists.”

These are the product of the same sick fucks that would love to see Bernie Sanders as president and Antifa his shock troops.

There is no difference between Nazis and Antifa other than the way they are dressed and both deserve clean head shots for supporting this crap.

“Miguel! You are advocating violence!’ You bet your ass I am as Antifa is already out and about saying they will use violence against anybody they don’t like…. including Jews.

After that, you are next.

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  1. Interestingly enough, I attended a Catholic school as a kid. I was and am not Catholic. We also had Jewish students in our school. I recall NO Anti-semitism in our school. I believe the Catholic vs. Jew is waaaay overblown. At least in modern times. Clearly, Jk. B is a mite sensitive to his heritage. One wonders if he is a practicing Jew or just a special snowflake of a Jew that likes to use his heritage to beat others over the head with it like members of BLM do?

  2. Re that last image: that’s what JPFO is all about.
    On the connection between socialism and antisemitism, you can certainly find plenty of antisemitism in the USSR. And all this makes sense. When you’re busy running the country into the ground, you need scapegoats. Capitalists will do in a pinch, but Jews are the traditional first choice for scapegoats among evil people everywhere.
    I enjoyed your story about John XXIII.

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