Scratch Shannon Watts

My grandfather used to say “scratch a Christian and find an antisemite.”  That may have been true for Jews growing up a century ago, when the official doctrine of the Church was that the Jews killed Jesus.  Not anymore.

One of the reasons I have so much respect for Pope John Paul II, and a glad that he was beatified, was that he did away with that dishonor and really worked to improve the relationship between Christianity and the Jews, largely motivated by his experience in WWII.

Today, I believe that the accurate statement is “scratch a Progressive and find an antisemite.”  The social justice Left just loves their Jew hatred.

Tariq Nasheed is described as a media personality and relationship expert.  What he is, is vile scum that has written several books, and hosts a radio show, about how to score an easy lay with psychological manipulation.

Tuns out, he’s also a total racist and antisemite.

Yep, you read that right.  Ben Shapiro is “claiming to be Jewish” to be able to get away with white supremacist rhetoric.  He is also a member of the “everything I disagree with is white supremacism” school of thought.

Dana Loesch called him out on his Jew hatred on Twitter.  That back-and-forth is a hoot.

Tariq is a bigot who justifies his own bigotry by accusing other people of bigotry.  That is 100% the Antifa model, but in this case with Tweets not beatings.

Here is where this story goes to 11.

Shannon Watts, who has made herself Loesch’s foil, tried calling out Loesch for picking on a fellow Progressive.


It seems that a tiny detail was left out of Watts’ tweet…

I think that the NRA CCW insurance is a little excessive (not to mention a potential liability*) but supporting the right to self defense does no negate Loesch’s morals.

In effect, Watts was defending a viscous antisemite.  Scratch a progressive…

So here is the question: now what for Bloomberg?

You know, the Jewish billionaire bankrolling Watts.

If I were a mean SOB (and I am), I’d corner Bloomberg on this.  Either he, as a Jew, is willing to turn a blind eye to antisemitism to promote gun control OR he has to condemn his own minion for her antisemitic moral equivocation.

Let him stew over that.

8 Replies to “Scratch Shannon Watts”

  1. I mean, the story is still that the Jews killed Jesus, but the Jewish church at the time was as corrupt as the Catholic church during the Protestant reformation. Christianity is a direct descendant of Judaism, and any Christian who doesn’t study Judaism to understand more about his own religion is a failure of a Christian.

  2. It seems there is a major league difference in American “Jews” that are really more ‘regressive’ and Communists that the Jews in Israel. Sadly, the American Jews tend to put politics above and beyond their faith.

    1. Robert Avrech (author of “Jew without a Gun”) has long argued that many American Jews are socialists first and foremost, and Jews very much second if at all. Opposition to the right of self defense is one common feature of such people.

  3. Is Tariq Nasheed capable of any thought other than circular logic?

    “I don’t like you so you’re white supremacist so I don’t like you so you’re white supremacist…”

    1. Tariq Nasheed sounds like a muslim name. Muslims were the biggest originators of the European slave trade, and are still responsible for over a million blacks being enslaved in Africa. Before we tear down Columbus and Confederate statues, I think the mosques and their members must go.

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