When you catch them in the middle of stupid.

I am not sure if this guy was trying to tag me as White Hispanic Supremacist or a Hispanic White Supremacist after figuring out that not all (possibly a big majority) of “People of Color” lockstep with the Liberal B.S.

There are a lot of guns in Miami. There are a lot of Gun Owners in Miami. There are a lot of NRA members in Miami. There are a lot (majority) of Hispanics in Miami. Figuring out that Hispanics of all colors and beliefs might be members f the NRA is not such an intellectual leap.


6 Replies to “When you catch them in the middle of stupid.”

  1. It’s always fun to remind fools like that about MLK Jr.’s membership of NRA. Your article earlier this day about CC in Chicago is also good for that.

  2. I’m always on the lookout for this “white supremacist” literature/propaganda that the NRA is allegedly peddling. So far, it’s been a bust. All they do is keep sending me reminders and proof that the left hates my right to bear arms.

    Proud Endowment Life Member.

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