Some Nazis, Some Rioters, and a Rabbi

I knew that the city of Saint Louis was once again experiencing riots because of a police shooting.  I was just sort of rioted out.  I couldn’t muster the energy to even follow it on the news.

On Sunday I wan introduced to the hashtag #GastheSynagogue.

OK, what the fuck is going on here? Am I going to have to strap up and start killing people?  I really wanted to have a lazy Sunday.

As it turns out a #GastheSynagogue was started by a bunch of neo-Nazis in support of the desire by the Saint Louis police to fire tear gas at the Central Reform Congregation of St. Louis Synagogue.

Of course, being Nazis, the intention of   #GastheSynagogue was clear.

There is absolutely no justification for some genocide encouraging gas the Jews campaign.  This is exactly, 100% why I am the militant gun owning Jew that I am.

But I had to learn more.  Why did Saint Louis police want to tear gas a Synagogue?

The Synagogue opened its doors to provide refuge to protesters.

Oh, fuck.  No.  Let’s be clear on something, there is no concept of sanctuary in Judaism like there is in Christianity.  A synagogue is not hallowed ground.  You cannot hide in a Synagogue and claim sanctuary.

The police were using tear gas to disperse the protesters after the protests turned violent.  Protesters had gone to the home of the Mayor of St. Louis and threw rocks and broke windows.  Police were taken to the hospital after protesters threw rocks, bottles, and bricks at police.  The St. Louis library was smashed.  Significant property damage was done to local business.

Police cracked down hard on the protest when it turned violent, arresting dozens of people, in order to prevent this incident from turning into a multi-day, multi-million dollar disaster like the Michael Brown riots two years ago.

It seems that the new leadership in St. Louis and Missouri learned the lessons of Ferguson, LA in 1996, and Berkeley today; don’t give rioters an inch or they will take control and do massive damage.

In this face of law and order, stands Rabbi Susan Talve.

This is a Synagogue of Social Justice.

Talve said she believes the Jewish community has “many reasons” to get involved in the fight for racial justice.

“We are a people who believe in justice for everyone. We were strangers in the land of Egypt, we get this. We know what it is to be made other by institutions, systems of oppression,” she said. “We understand this as a people. So when we see it, we have to be part of the solution.”

“The only thing that I can do as a white person in this fight for civil rights in America, is put my body on the line. Black and brown bodies are on the line every day just because of the color of their skin,” Talve stressed.

Sweet, merciful, God.  If I took all the anger from all the “fuck yous” ever uttered in the English language since the beginning of time and combined them into one white hot ball of steel melting rage, it wouldn’t be enough for this Rabbi.  They are not “black and brown bodies” they are people.  That is the worst fucking SJW language I have ever heard.

Not to mention I know my Jewish Civil Rights history.  We Jews put our lives on the line for Civil Rights.  Two of the Mississippi Three – civil rights activists murdered by the KKK – were Jews.  Then MLK was shot and civil rights was passed into the hands of antisemites like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan,  and most recently the intersectional Black Lives Matter.

Other Liberal Jews have jumped on the support bandwagon for this.  This Synagogue is part of the #JewishResistance.

Resistance to what?  Trump presumably.  Except he’s not building concentration camps.  The Synagogue wants to “show solidarity” but with who?  Black Lives Matter is showing solidarity with Palestinian terrorists.  Is that what this Synagogue wants to support?  Are they resisting law and order?  Because it seems like it.

These Jews have their heads screwed on backwards.

None of this justifies #GasTheSynagogue, and being the person that I am, when it comes to Nazis, I will ALWAYS be on the side of killing Nazis.  But these Lefty fucking Jews make is all that much harder to defend them.

If you want the police to protect you from the Nazis you can’t shield the people who throw bricks at the police from being arrested.  It doesn’t fucking work like that.

I swear, Social Justice makes people retarded.

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  1. J.

    I’ve posted earlier on this forum that I consider Nazis and Communists (Anarchists, Antifa, BLM etc) as two sides of the same coin. One slightly more nationalistic than the other, one more covert about its ultimate goal than the other, both anti-semitic because Jews are an organized people who have kept their identity for thousands of years and therefore represent a threat to an all powerful state. Both regimes, when given the chance, send dissenters to the KZ Laggers or the GULAGs. When that fails there is always the death camps, a bullet in the Lubyanka, or the Killing Fields.

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