They will never learn

I caught this story on Tucker Carlson last night.  Nancy Pelosi was giving a speech on DACA when she got shouted down by a group of illegal immigrant protesters.  The whole scene turned ugly.  Feast your eyes.

All I hear about from the media is how illegal immigrants “live in the shadows.

I really don’t think shouting at a United States Congresswoman and former Speaker of the House while getting in her face with a bunch of signs is “living in the shadows.”

What you are witnessing here is just another example of why the rule of law is important.  What is a sanctuary policy but a state or city that thumbs its nose at the rule of law.  The lessons learned by illegals in these locations is that the Democrats will violate the laws to protect them from the legal ramifications of their actions.  New York reduces charges against them to avoid deportation requirements, so does California.

We see this with the media and their support of Antifa, calling them “mostly peaceful.”    We saw the situation in Berkeley get out of hand when the police were told to stand down and not resist them.

The way Antifa was treated was nothing new.  The mayor of Baltimore gave protesters “space to destroy” after the Freddy Gray verdict.

What we see over and over again is the rule of law not being applies.  Various groups are given free reign to be violent because they have the right politics or grievances to be worthy of pandering to by the Left.

When you give a mouse a cookie, he;ll want a glass of milk.

When you give some violent thugs a slap on the wrist, they will burn your shit to the ground.

Eventually they will bit the hand that protects them because nothing in their history tells them that they will get in trouble for it.

Now that Berkeley is being smashed on a regular basis and leading Democrats are being heckled by the people they protect, you’d expect them to understand why the rule of law is so important: that the law be enforced and applied equally to all.

Unfortunately I believe that the Left is too invested in pandering to ever change course from what they are doing now.  They may be destroyed by their own protected classed, and that will be fun to watch.  But the collateral damage will be terrible.

2 Replies to “They will never learn”

  1. ” They may be destroyed by their own protected classed, and that will be fun to watch. But the collateral damage will be terrible.”

    That’s a good summation of what’s happening in the soon-to-be caliphate of Western Europe.

  2. They’ll defend their little minions until it kills them. Then the ones not actually invested in destroying everything will scream “DO SOMETHING!”

    And they they’ll scream and yell about something being done.

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