12 Replies to “Question?”

  1. Remember, if you can’t stand out by your achievements, go for pure taxonomic novelty.
    That way one can be one of the privileged and wealthy whitest whitemen ever seen, yet still get in on all that coveted special snowflake whiner protected status at your university.

  2. Feminists say Women are Equal to Men in Every Way.
    Feminists say Women Must Be Treated Exactly Like Men.
    Feminists say Women are Tough Enough to Be Combat Soldiers.

    Who are we to argue with the experts?

    1. Actually, as a recent “notable quote” in the Wall St. Journal observes, the left simultaneously believes these two notions: (1) every social group (say, a given race or gender) is exactly like every other, (2) each social group is so different from every other that you have to have diversity to make sure all are represented, otherwise you lose the benefits of all those differences.

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